The Fish and I are One

My family has a summer cottage in Upstate, NY. It is on a private lake and is like my second home. As a child, one of my favorite activities was to go fishing on the lake with my family. I haven’t fished in quite some time just for the mere fact that I don’t want to hurt the live bait we are using or the fish I’m trying to catch. This summer was the first summer my boyfriend got to visit the lake, and since he loves fishing, we went fishing with some family members one morning. It was absolutely beautiful. The sun was rising and a yellow shimmer was on the still water. The lake was so calm that it looked like a mirror reflecting the Earth’s sky. Because it was so beautiful, I didn’t feel the need to fish but to instead be one with nature and the company I was with.  

My dad handed me a rod with a fake worm on it though, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. My nephew caught the first fish and it was a medium sized bass. I then caught the next fish and he was a small bass. I quickly realized he had swallowed the hook. After acknowledging this, I immediately felt guilty because I knew it was going to be difficult removing the hook. It took a few minutes to get the hook out, however I made sure I put him back in the water as soon as possible. By the time the hook came out, the fish had some blood coming out of his gills and I felt even more guilty for hurting the fish. I held onto him as I leaned over the side of the boat, gently pushing and pulling him back through the water so that I mimicked him swimming, thus allowing water to run through his gills. The fish was barely alive and I felt horrible. Here I am on a conscious spiritual path and desiring to be advocate for all in existence on the planet and I just killed a fish for sport. All these thoughts ran about how I should have never gone fishing and how the fish must be dying a slow and painful death. In an effort to make myself feel better, I told myself that fish probably don’t feel pain the way we do and we will just have the fish for dinner. This cycle of despair and hope ran for quite some time as I leaned over the boat in the most awkward, painful position, dedicated to reviving this fish. I wasn’t ready to give up because I felt so terrible and was disgusted with myself. I just knew I “hurt” this fish and therefore felt quite shameful for inflicting so much pain on this exquisite creature. And as the thought of me inflicting pain on the fish came through for the 50th time, I all of a sudden had this moment of stillness. Within a millisecond, it became clear that I can’t hurt the fish because the fish is God and I therefore dropped the belief I was separate from the fish. In the next moment, the fish swam away! It was as simple as that. I was immediately in tears and was filled with love. I am forever grateful to the baby bass who was able to show me something so powerful. I treasure the fish and that moment of clarity.

We as a collective must SEE that everything in existence is God. All is God and God is all. This means you not only treat other life on this planet with honor, love, and respect but all the non-life forms on this planet as well. In addition, this does not only apply to your backyard or wherever you travel to. This includes taking a stand and fighting for all things in existence, no matter where or when you see humanity dishonoring and not showing the utmost respect for what’s in existence here. The planet is alive, Lovies, and you are to see and know it’s all God…you included. Everything is interconnected. There is no separation between me, you, the baby bass, crystals, or molecules that make up the Earth’s atmosphere. Words cannot describe the bliss and peace that comes once this is experienced. So, let’s start seeing God in everything.