Isn't it time we all did our part?

So, it's no surprise that we all want change and recognize the serious need for change in almost every area of life on this planet, but how many of us are still waiting on others to instigate and carry out that change? It's much easier to complain from your living room sofa while you watch endless hours of TV than get up and actually DO something, is it? There are so many simple things you can do everyday that make a positive impact on the planet and the people around you. So why don't you?

Our belief at Add Your Energy is that anything we do as a collective has an exponential impact on the world. And our mission is to engage as many people as possible in simple acts of service carried out in the same time frame in order to create the greatest positive impact possible.

If it isn't simple, people just won't do it. KISS=Keep It Simple, Stupid. We don't want to be stupid, do we? So let's keep it simple! Ten minutes of meditation or prayer each week, easy acts of service to your local community, like sending extras tissues to your child's teacher, extended collective global meditations done from wherever you happen to be, pitching in the price of a cup of coffee to go toward a great charity selected by a member of the collective...this is easy, people!

What are you waiting for?

It's time to Add YOUR Energy!

The AYE Team