About AYE


Welcome to the Add Your Energy Global Collective!

Ancient spiritual teachings say that everything is consciousness/energy, and today’s science is proving it. There is a collective “mind” to which we all belong and the reality we experience is dictated largely by the level of consciousness held by the collective. The Unified Field is a space of non-polarity, where all know themselves to be intricately connected with all of creation...interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. Due to human miscreations which emerged out of the misuse of our natural creative power, we are currently living out the fallen state of duality where we identify with, and experience, all pairs of opposites, such as birth/death, health/sickness, peace/war, sharing/greed, love/hatred, etc…

Taking a cue from scientific research done on the power of group meditation/prayer/consciously directed intent to physically alter our collective experience of reality, and from the success demonstrated by large, synchronized global meditations such as Fire the Grid, a team of diverse individuals came together in service to form the Add Your Energy Global Collective.

Our desire is to draw people together in simple acts of loving service so that the collective energy of the group will be exponentially amplified, thus creating the biggest impact possible for humanity and the planet.  

ALL are encouraged to join with us, either in group settings, or in the privacy of your own home. We don’t recognize religion, lack of religion, nationality or culture. We are ALL ONE in the eyes of the Universe and we are all capable of consciously assisting in the creation of a world we would all love to live in. Come to meditate, come to serve, or come to give to others….but just come!

To add your unique energy to our global collective, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

There is a lot of work to be done, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Let’s all do our part by holding the space of loving equanimity together!

In loving gratitude,

The AYE Team


Choosing unity over separation is the key.

Seeing everyone and everything as different aspects of the same creative force helps us to see ourselves in everything...and to see everything in ourselves.

No separation.


Unified by a love for the Earth and her people.

Our Earth and all life is precious and sacred. In order to institute real change, we all need to work diligently to be accepting of others, recognizing that fear of what we don't understand is what leads to hatred and violence. There can be unity in diversity if we simply honor and respect the cultures, traditions and beliefs which aren't our own. No one becomes less by living in the state of acceptance which transcends our concept of tolerance. On the contrary; one becomes exalted by it. We appear to be many, but ultimately we are all One.


Connecting through our hearts...

We don't have to think alike, act alike or believe in the same things in order to share our hearts with others. The heart is what connects us to everything in the universe and it is our greatest gift. Members of the Add Your Energy Global Collective are committed to remaining heart-centered as we function in the world, knowing that we are all at different places in our life's journey and judgment has no place in love.